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:feet: Unlock the Secrets of Holistic Cat Care :feet:

Are you ready to become the ultimate cat parent, providing your kitties with the best care they deserve? Welcome to the exclusive Holistic Cat Club, your gateway to a long, happy, and harmonious life with your beloved kitties.


:herb: What's Included in Your Membership? :herb:

:cat: Expert Guidance: Join our community of cat lovers and gain access to expert insights from your holistic cat specialist. Learn how and when to use natural remedies, how to boost traditional veterinary care, and how to best shape your cats' behaviour through positive training, so that you can have peace of mind in your household.

:rainbow: Comprehensive Lessons: Dive into an ever-growing curated library of easy-to-follow lessons on cat-related topics, ranging from nutrition to behaviour, from environmental enrichment to building mutual trust, and so much more. From understanding your cat's unique needs to developing a wellness routine that aligns with everyone's lifestyle, it will all be covered step by step as we go forward.

:mortar_board: Success Path: A clear success path will show you exactly where you are right now as a cat guardian, and it will guide you along to elevate your skills as a proactive cat parent. Master the art of holistic cat care with structured training, the strategic use of time and space, wellness rituals, herbal remedies and alternative options, and guidance on feline nutrition, cat psychology, mindset, and activities you can share with your cats.

:speech_balloon: Community: Connect with like-minded cat guardians in The HCC  private community. Share stories, ask questions, and celebrate victories together as you embark on this transformative journey. 

πŸ“š Monthly Collectables (Printables): Focused info-sheets on useful herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, holistic protocols for specific conditions, or cat crafting/bonding activities. 

πŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ« Guest Experts Training: Gain insider knowledge from industry-leading experts in holistic cat care and other topics that a caring cat parent like you can benefit from, like grief support, animal communication, feline abdominal massage, cat-proof garden fencing, and more.

πŸ–₯️ 2 x month Live Calls (The HCC CLINICS) for Live Q&A Support (on Zoom): Ask your questions live on Zoom or come and hang out to connect with other cat guardians or to just listen in. 

πŸ–₯️ Facebook Group Support: Ask your questions in the community any day of the week, and get professional feedback and guidance, and peer support.

🧸🍽️ Products and Food Reviews: Curious if the food you want to feed your cats is good enough? Curious to know where it scores when it comes to quality of ingredients, transparency of the company, nutrient composition, etc? Want to check alternatives? Not sure if a product you want to buy is appropriate for your cats? Request a tailored food or product review to get feedback on what is available to you so you can move forward with peace of mind.

πŸ’» Free Access to Themed Sprints and Workshops: Get free access to any sprint we run in The HCC. For example, the MCA (Meowster Chef Academy) will focus on improving your cats' nutrition, the Kitten School Sprint will be aimed at helping new cat parents and those cats who can benefit from going to a "socialization school" to get more confident, and so on.
More Sprints are to be announced. 

πŸŽ‰ Seasonal Tips for your cats’ health and well-being: Kitty-proofing your Xmas, Fireworks Season, Summer Holidays, Allergy Season, etc. Learn how to confidently help your cat cope with seasonal changes successfully.


✨ BONUS 2: ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS to cat-related products and services (growing as we go forward)

✨ BONUS 3: 20% OFF THE HOLISTIC CAT CARE JUMPSTART - Grab your seat at my signature course with an attractive discount only available to The HCC members.

✨ BONUS 4: AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITY - Earn an attractive commission when you bring other cat guardians into the community.

✨ PRIORITY FOR 1:1 CALLS - Secure your spot before any non-member when you need 1:1 attention, fast answers, and VIP treatment.



 :tada: Here's What You Get when you join The HCC :tada:

:star2: Confidence: Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty. Gain the confidence to address health and behaviour issues naturally, backed by expert guidance.

:star2: Wellness: Discover the power of species-appropriate nutrition, proactive care, and engaging rituals that promote your cat's overall wellness. 

:star2: Bonding: Strengthen your bond through positive training, empathy, and understanding of your cats' unique communication style.

:star2: Support: Never feel alone on this journey. The community, myself and the upcoming resources are here to support you every step of the way.


:rocket: Ready to embark on a transformative journey in holistic cat care? Join now and give your cats the VIP treatment they deserve! ❀

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our friendly support team at [email protected].