CEO (Cats Executive Officer) & Founder

at The Holistic Cat Specialist 

Kind, determined, grounded, fair,

scientifically-minded, a little atypical,

and fully dedicated to animals ❤ 


✔️ Doctor in Psychology

✔️ Trained CTI Coach

✔️ Trained in Holistic Feline Care, Herbalism for Animals and Zoopharmacognosy 

✔️ Trained in Advanced Feline Behaviour Management

✔️ 10+ years of experience working with cats and their guardians 

✔️ Animal Welfare Advocate and Rescue Mum 


Hey! I wanna meet you right where you are!
My passion is serving people just like YOU.


If you are looking for more options to help your cats’ health,
and solutions to live together in harmony,
I’ve got you, I understand you, and I can help you.
You are in the right place.


5 Super Healthy Habits to Help Your Cats Live Longer

I am the Specialist you hire when you are ready to  take charge of your cats' health and behaviour using safe, holistic methods.

I help caring cat parents become



At the center of my mission is the belief 

that all cats and their human parents 

should live extraordinary lives together ❤

Cats are not small dogs, and they deserve special, dedicated attention: they occupy a very particular place in nature, being both prey and predators, and as pets, this factor is still reflected in many aspects of their behaviours.

Understanding your cats at the core can mean the difference between defeat and compromise, and between frustration and success. 

I believe that responsible cat guardianship involves taking a proactive role in our cats’ lives and health, and I am here to guide you to choose the approach that works best for you and your cats, considering that every cat is an individual and that every situation is unique, I strive to promote an environment that is inviting, stimulating, motivating, and pleasant for all people and animals involved while educating and empower cat parents to create long-lasting healthy habits that lead to better feline wellness and full appreciation of all parties involved.


"Holistic Cat Care is the most effective way 

to improve your Cats’ Health and Behaviour."



Out of office hours, you will find me...

Cuddling my cats, watching a movie, playing Wordscapes with my husband (and my cats), immersed in learning, exercising, taking care of my house, or preparing healthy food :)


As they are a huge part of my world, my rescue cats all help with this business!


The Team Leader

Strong character, wise, understanding, loyal. He takes in everything I say, shares his points of view extensively and he swears by the power of routine.


The Secretary

She can only work part-time, as she is still finishing Princess School. Very delicate. Such a darling, loves her daddy the most. Only wears pink. Some of her meows are silent.


The Diversity Manager

Resilient, sweet, and great with boundaries. Not afraid to get down and dirty (literally), she ensures everyone is included and treated equally. A little angel.


The Product Development Manager

Burrower, kneader, licker. Can't purr, but he puffs. He adores his brother and his mum. He sniffs out everything, including everyone's bottom and good opportunities.


The Catering Manager

Performer, entertainer, always busy, too clever for his own good. Wheel walker. He high-fives, kisses human noses 1, 2 or 3 times and obviously sits on command. He will do anything for food. 

At the core of the reason why I do what I do is the deep understanding of how heartbreaking it is for a cat parent to see their cats struggle and have no support structure or no alternative plan to make things better.




and Traditional Medicine is NOT the ONLY option.



I work with proactive cat parents and help them...

✔️ Overcome the obstacles to a rewarding relationship with their cats.

✔️ Save on vet bills by addressing chronic health issues naturally.

✔️ Become active decision-makers when it comes to their cats’ health.

✔️ Put in place the steps to get their kitties to live their best lives.


..A win-win for everyone.



Why I care so much about holistic cat care and behavior...


I got started helping clients with their cats using holistic methods because losing a pet too early and feeling helpless is incredibly painful, I have been there, and it broke my heart!  Experiencing the limitations of Traditional Medicine on my own skin motivated me to look for alternative options first within human nutrition, and later within feline care. 

Also, during years of cat rescue, and professional cat care, I got tired of seeing cats being abandoned, surrendered to shelters or simply treated unfairly due to misunderstanding or lack of support. 


"I made it my mission to help cats and their human parents 

find harmony and health and live the great lives

they were meant to live together.

I aim to make alternative options available 

to the cat guardians wanting to do more for their cats 

in a safe, natural, holistic way, 

without the confusion, overwhelm and frustration

of jumping from one Google tab to the next 

in a desperate attempt to find answers."



Cats have always fascinated me. With their quiet but funny, quirky ways, they are the perfect companions for an introvert personality. Sharing my life with cats fills me with joy and purpose, my cats are my family and I want to do everything I can to help these wonderful creatures stay healthy for longer, so that they don’t have to suffer unnecessarily, and you can enjoy wonderful times together ❤


I have always been very connected to animals, feeling a strong need to help them and protect them from harm. Their innocence and unconditional love made me grow very fond of my pets and whenever I came across injured or trapped wildlife in my life, I treasured every chance I got to rescue these animals, get them back to health and set them free. I was not ever really drawn to human children, but I always had a very strong protective instinct towards the animals I met in my life, which led me to invest all my energy into creating a positive relationship with them and into learning how to care for them in the best possible way. I experienced a lot of sadness in my early years, but animals were always there to be my rock, and they have always given me incredible joy and purpose during our journey together. Their support during times of struggle was invaluable, and today I enormously value the presence of my cats in my life, as we share experiences and learn from each other every day. 


"This is why I want you to be able to get the most out of your journey

with your cats, whether it is through understanding them and clearing

the issues you are facing so that you can enjoy your life together again, 

or whether it is through helping them thrive so that you can be

happy together for as long as possible."


As a little child, cats were pretty much the only pet I could not really understand. The cats I met early on seemed unreadable, unapproachable, and not very predictable. It turns out cats needed a little more “tuning-in” from my part to really connect with them. I adopted my very first cat almost 30 years ago, and I have never looked back. As I moved forward, I made it my mission to get to know how cats operate, what makes them tick, and eventually how I could naturally and effectively help them overcome their health challenges.


"I don’t follow trends or fads. While keeping up to date with

innovative products and discoveries, I base my method on scientifically

proven, straightforward behavior modification techniques and well-researched

holistic therapies and I integrate these processes with the analysis

of the environment, diet and even the guardians’ internal state to

assess, measure, and plan intervention, so that you can

move forward and achieve success." 


I am not against conventional medicine, in fact, I work alongside veterinarians when conventional medicine must be used, however, I have found that most chronic conditions require a holistic approach to be resolved successfully, an approach that looks at several factors and possible causes of an issue rather than focusing only on treating the symptoms.

I strongly believe in using natural modalities whenever possible to reverse current health challenges and return the body to a natural state of homeostasis. However, I believe that blending natural medicine and conventional medicine can provide the best of both worlds, and flexibility in using one or the other is key to long-term success.  


"I don’t always have the answer to all questions as every cat and situation

is unique, but nobody can define the potential that you and your cats hold, 

and I will always do my very best to empower you to change

what you can change and improve the situation you are facing

in any way possible."


My Framework

How I can help you

If you were to ask some conventional doctors or some narrow-minded people about what I do every day, they would probably ask: “Why is she looking at nutrition, herbs, supplements, and the environmental and psychological situation surrounding every cat..?”. 

My answer is: “Because it works”. 


"My RESPECT Framework helps you put together all the elements

you need to regain control over an undesired situation concerning your cat, 

and to apply the changes required in different areas 

to get the best chance at success."


RESPECT is an acronym for the 7 pillars of what creates a great feline-human bond, with a mark of uniqueness right at the centre and a circle of connectiveness on the outside, and I credit this method for helping hundreds of cat parents improve their lives and their cats’ lives.


"Incorporating the RESPECT Framework 

into your relationship with your cats can be a game-changer."

Michela Dioguardi

Paola was not only taking care of Tiffany and Byron, but she also helped me find a balance and a routine with my little ones. Tiffany was unsettled and not coping well with Byron, who joined us after a few months we were in Dubai. Not easy at all! Paolo knew what to do. With her beautiful smile and confidence, she gave me the right suggestions and all went well. I still have the first post-it she left on the fridge for me!

When she moved to the UK, we continued talking to each other and she supported me again! I would have never adopted a stray cat (a ginger Mau) and introduced him to Byron if I didn't have Paolo by my side. She followed me with love, patience, and professionalism every day, step by step, watching my videos, listening to my long voice messages, and reassuring me to go ahead. Even when it seemed hard, she never gave up.

Byron and Sebastian are now both part of our family... with a 4-year-old boy.

Thank you, Paola, you made our life better!

Amanda Scheurich

I am excited to be the first to review such an amazing person! I am ever so thankful that Paola saw my post featuring my cat, Mel, getting a tube feeding during his recovery after a lengthy battle for his life. I thought at first she was just a fellow cat lover, but she has since become a friend, teacher, and honestly, an inspiration. She has helped and is continuing to help with health, behavior, and just getting a better understanding of my 3 boys. I have made some very positive adjustments at her suggestions and not once has she made me feel as if I were a failure or a bad cat parent. Her support has not only helped Mel, Brooks, and Dash but me as well when I have felt defeated. Reach out to her... you will NOT be disappointed! 

Deanna Marie

Guys, I'm the hugest fan of the wonderful Paola Zanibelli Davies! She has the gift when it comes to kitties. She solved the war games with my boys overnight! This woman has the gift and the knowledge to back it up. Any problem at all with your kitties, Paola is your woman!

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